Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The End

Just of this month of blogging. I feel like I copped out a lot, partially because I was sick, but mostly because I'm just a boring person. My life is quiet. I guess that can be considered a blessing. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm not making promises to write more because it never turns out well. If I get the writing itch, I'll pound out something. I doubt it will be with any regularity, because I don't roll like that. Too much laziness and apathy.

So until next time

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means I'll probably blog early so we can go wade through the crowds tomorrow night. Whee.

I don't really have much to talk about tonight. Shit has been going down all day in the real world, but I really feel like I don't need to recap it, since everyone knows what's up. It's been equal parts glorious and gross.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Supergirl.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I need to win the lottery so I can have my friends sitting pretty. I mean, yeah, I'd use the money for myself and get shit sorted, but I can't help and fantasize about being able to be like, "Take this cut of my winnings and get the shit you need and get healthy because we can't lose you."

This is the reality of this country right now. Hoping you'll win the impossible so you can make a difference. For me personally, I don't even need that much money, and I've always just figured if that impossible dream happened and I became wealthy suddenly, I'd use it more on friends and family than on myself. I just need enough to get out of debt (like, fully...no mortgage or car payment or anything), get my health taken care of, and put enough away for my old age and for the kid to do what he wants when he's an adult.

We're not bad off, but sometimes you feel so helpless when things break (heater), or you have a surprise battery replacement for your car.

I live my life in a constant state of anxiety over something big happening. Illness, a major appliance breaking, a job lost. It's not a good way to live.

I want to get a job, but my job selection is limited right now. To be employed means I would have to find something at night or on weekends because of homeschool. It can't be too late at night because then I'll never be able to sleep, and the kid won't be taught. Walgreens in my neighborhood is open 24/7, but they always reject my application. Sometimes the University hires for overnight desk duty at the library or in a residence hall. I almost, ALMOST had a job there until I was told I would have to be on-call. I've also toyed with the idea of applying at the Target in my neighborhood. However! When I walked out in 2006 (long story), HR screeched out a threat of me never being able to work at one again. I am not entirely sure this is true (especially because the threat happened so long ago and in California), but I also don't know how petty Target can be.

Maybe I'll apply anyways. It can't hurt.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

So now that I'm done binge watching "Stranger Things", I'll probably write better for the three days that remain of October.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Almost forgot to write a crap blog post because I got distracted by "Stranger Things". Seriously, if you haven't watched that show yet, GO WATCH IT. It's a hit of nostalgia for everyone that grew up in the 80s, and the story is so good. Do it. Do it now!

Anyways, don't expect quality (like you do anyways) because binge watching. Also, I need to grocery shop tomorrow. Also, I need to clean the house the next day. Damn, I got a lot of shit to do.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The furnace is fixed, but I'm still anxious about it. I always get like that when shit breaks. Same with the stupid car, same with the stupid building issues, same with the stupid plumbing problems. I think I'm so anxious about things because we don't have enough money to replace something really large.

Maybe I should consider xanax again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I can say that I really wouldn't mind having a mulligan on today. Heater died, kid concussed, dinner had a spoiled component that ruined a huge vat of curry. Oh, and Facebook got me for a post about how Nazis are terrible people. Yeah.

Anywho, things somewhat resolved themselves, but we're looking at about $150 in repairs for the heater, which I'm not going to be mad about. It could have been so much worse. It could also still get worse, but I'm trying to be hopeful.

The kid is okay, just a little headachy still.

The curry got tossed, and I ordered dinner from a new spot, which we will probably patronize the fuck out of now. Delicious tortas, and they had elotes, so the kid was overjoyed.

And Facebook can continue to eat a dick. I reposted a screenshot of the offending post, and now we're all mocking it.

With that, I'm out.